Indulge in the sweet bliss of our freshly baked cookies at Urban Bistro! From classic favorites to unique creations, our cookie selection offers a delightful variety to satisfy every craving.

Sink your teeth into our soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, packed with rich chunks of chocolate for the perfect balance of sweetness. Craving something with a bit of crunch? Try our oatmeal raisin cookies, filled with plump raisins and hearty oats for a satisfying bite.

For those with a taste for adventure, explore our specialty cookies like decadent double chocolate, zesty lemon, or indulgent white chocolate macadamia nut. Each cookie is lovingly crafted with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection, ensuring a taste sensation with every bite.

Whether you’re enjoying them with a cup of coffee, treating yourself to a midday snack, or sharing with friends and family, our cookies are sure to delight. Stop by Urban Bistro today and experience the joy of a homemade cookie that’s as delicious as it is comforting.


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